My Journey To Tourist’s Health Care Utopia


Whatever was going swimmingly: I obtained my key, discovered an inexpensive flight, and also obtained my two weeks off of job. I was ready for the best getaway. On a pointer from a buddy of mine, I chose a plan tour of Meditopia, an island country commonly called the gem of the South Pacific. The pamphlet sent out to me by Meditopia Adventure Travel displayed immaculate white sand coastlines, lavish forest falls, charming residents, and also, strangely, a photograph of their new medical facility. ‘Our health care is free to all,’ the inscription under the photo read. A passionate scuba diving diver and lover of nature, this unknown country appeared to give all of it.


I attached to Meditopia Air trip number 13 from Bangkok, and also after sixteen hours of traveling, I got here into Healthiopolis Flight terminal. Custom-mades was a beautiful standard procedure, although it was weird when the official appeared disappointed that I did not have any kind of pre-existing clinical conditions.

As it turned out, I showed up in the middle of gale season. Despite protecting a very quick and reliable taxi to the resort, I was saturating damp as well as shivering by the time I reached the front desk. I wasn’t mosting likely to let some rainfalls moisten my spirit: I commemorated the first night of my trip with a pair pork dumplings recognized to be a neighborhood special. Eventually I was imagining the swimming, treking, and also diving I would certainly be doing.

The next morning, I awoke to an extreme, pounding migraine, a severe aching throat, sweats, and an instance of looseness of the bowels the similarity which I never ever had in the past. It was terrible, and I wasn’t certain if it was the rain that soaked me or the dumplings I had consumed the evening prior to. There was a knock on my door.

” Meditopia Experience Traveling! I am your overview! Good morning!” a bubbly voice called.
” I am sorry, I’m extremely ill,” I sputtered, opening the door.
” Sir, you are not well!” a portly, amiable looking local said.
” Yes, possibly I ought to rest it off,” I attempted to close the door, however the guide would certainly not let me.
” We must take you to our all new health center, sir,”
” No, no, I do not have any type of insurance coverage,” I claimed, “at least none that would certainly be accepted below.”
” Sir, you must recognize that right here, in Meditopia, we satisfaction ourselves in our complimentary healthcare. Also Yankee tourists such as yourself can obtain access to our cutting-edge facilities.”

I did not think him, but eventually I discovered myself in an ambulance, en route to the medical facility. Wrapped in blankets, upon entrance to the healthcare facility, I tried to fish out my HMO card, but the exceedingly pleasant nurse waved it away. I waited no greater than 10 minutes before a 2 Medical professionals waved me right into an exam room. In my feverish delirium, I continued to wave around my insurance card, recognizing full well that my plan had no insurance coverage for international hospitals. The physicians identified my acute gastrointestinal disorder, and also establish me up with an extravagant hospital room, along with a free prescription for the required prescription antibiotics. Great lord, I attempted to give the staff cash whenever they went to, however they declined.

I invested my entire vacation recuperating in the health center ward; it was fantastic. There had not been also any kind of documents for me to complete. This land of Meditopia was the perfect place to get sick. Really feeling freshened, rested, and also the good news is, in peak physical problem, I boarded the plane intending to get sick here, again sometime.

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