Replacing Your Golf Cart Engine with a Kohler Command-11 Saves Cash


Little engines, like those in your basic golf cart or lawn mower, can obtain extreme wear when they aren’t appropriately maintained, and this wear can cause both a loss of power and a raised likelihood of electrical systems failing when attempting to utilize an electrical starter. You can eliminate the potential issue by changing your engine making use of a little engine restore set that replaces your older flat head engine to a Kohler little engine.
There are dramatic enhancements that can be made ought to you choose to install a Kohler Command-11 in your golf cart rather than some of the other little engine alternatives that are readily available on the market today. To much better recognize the benefit of picking the Kohler engine for your upgrade, think about the complying with details.


Improved Power
By choosing a Kohler Command-11 small engine reconstruct set, you can experience a boost in power over what you got from your old flat head side shutoff engine. This boost is because of a selection of attributes, consisting of the 11-horsepower expenses shutoff on the single-cylinder engine. Expenses shutoff engines often tend to have a longer life, reduced fuel usage, reduced emissions, as well as even less sound than their side shutoff equivalents. They also experience a minimized quantity of carbon buildup which could minimize your cart engine’s power. Furthermore, this Kohler tiny engine will certainly remain cooler than some older engines because of its two-quart oil capability as well as its pressure lubrication system which is created to make certain premium cooling of engine parts in addition to supplying adequate lubrication to help avoid engine wear. The Command-11 additionally includes a non reusable oil filter much like you would certainly find on numerous bigger engines.

Handbook Beginning Features
Along with supplying an increase in power, the Command-11 features a manual start option along with the conventional electric starter offered on your Club Car Carryall. This manual begin recoil system serves as an useful back-up to your typical devices, allowing you to be able to get your cart’s tiny engine running even if the electric start-up system is malfunctioning or starting to fall short. Having a hand-operated back-up offered on your engine could suggest the difference between having the ability to return to where you started from and also needing to call for help.

Complete Conversion Products Available
If you’re taking into consideration buying a Kohler little engine then you are going to want to utilize the easiest process possible. Kohler had this in mind when developing the Command-11 upgrade for the Club Car Carryall I and also II. The conversion package includes a selection of brand-new components, consisting of the engine itself, a muffler system, the installing plate for the engine, a drive belt, a starter generator belt, and even a choke wire to make sure that you won’t have to bother with having older parts that could wear out prior to the core small engine parts do. The repower set has been developed easily of setup in mind, permitting you to basically go down the brand-new engine in and also have it prepared to go in record time. After all, you want to have the ability to spend your time utilizing your cart as well as not needing to toil away endlessly at getting a brand-new engine mounted.

~ Ben Anton, 2007

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