Shamanic Healing In The 21st Century


Shamanic healing explains in essence a team of procedures that has been practised throughout the millennia, as well as throughout every civilisation on the planet, which requires for a shaman to take a trip in non-ordinary worlds (quantum realms, other worlds, dreamtime etc) and also there, to make changes, learn more about the nature of the trouble and also to restore resolutions.


Shamanic recovery counts at the baseline for any kind of practitioner, or medicine man, to be able to contact and recognize the underlying “unseen” energetic realities of the world.

For that reason, and although for example soul recovery, heart loss and a range of mind healing and also incarnational recovery tasks is what is most typically connected with shamanic healing, a witch doctor can also “read plants”, minerals, other types of energy imprints and also match these to the problem available.

True shamanic healing is absolutely remarkable as well as not to be perplexed with a mind game that made use of to be dipped into some size in the “new age neighborhoods” of the late 20th century.

The distinction between an “envisioning” and also a real shamanic healing experience is known due to the fact that it is REALLY FELT; better extra, when a true shamanic healing experience has happened, REALITY ADJUSTMENTS therefore.

For a beginner examining shamanic healing work, it is important to CONTINUE TO BE REAL in all times.

People are quickly given to creative imagination as well as delusion; and also someone who has never experienced an orgasm would possibly be tough pushed to explain the difference in the sensations of a climax, as well as a good sneeze.

It is therefore essential for a junior witch doctor to firstly, learn just how to differentiate in between what is genuine and what is simply an imagining; this is required to establish the path in the best instructions, towards even more real experiences and also away from troubling impressions.

The EmoTrance healing system provides this VITAL help at degree 1 by focussing on PHYSICAL EXPERIENCES related to UNSEEN occurrences. The body doesn’t exist; and to discover to rely on one’s very own PHYSICAL responses, to review them correctly as well as to USE THEM in order to stay on the path of reality as well as not get lost in illusion is the first lesson, initial job of shamanic recovery.

In past societies, medicine men were executed serious routines of discomfort to “ground them in physicality” as well as to instruct them the all important lessons of fact vs impressions; in the EmoTrance recovery system, we USE THE EXISTING PAIN of old injuries in the power system (in the spirit person, in the spirit realms of a human being) to find out these lessons rather – and whilst we do this, we get to RECOVER these old wounds at the same time.

This increases the shamans ability to really feel, to regard; it releases their constraints of fear and turnaround as well as it is indeed the initial and also essential step to progressing right into real shamanic recovery at the higher levels of truth.

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